About Me

My Experience


Creative Conceptualist. Outside the Box Thinker. Sassy and Sweet always complete. Director. Producer. Actor. Start Up aficionado. Writer hobbyist. Did I make that word up?  Curious by nature, I've been blessed with a life of a slower burn. Diagnosed with Bi Polar 1. On a journey to discover what the actual ef that means and how to be a voice for...that remains in question. I don't know the answer, I only know my answer...sometimes..usually...maybe. ME is my pen name, Morgan Erin. I am here to be a voice for who knows what? A voice is good enough for ME. 

My Community


No need to be shy to connect. I'm aiming to build my online community with humans. If you're a human, I want to hear from you.  Comments and questions help me navigate this journey. I would love to hear your story or inspiration for a blog topic. Sharing is caring. 

Join My Journey


This website; blog is the process of me creating a new record. A new way of being, thinking, doing and I'm ready for that challenge.. I'm ready to chronicle the journey to look back and see how far I've come and perhaps it will help one soul out there.  One day. Some day. 

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